Stephen Robinson Interview (for web)

About Me

I am married 38 years to Marjorie and have two adult children. I played all kinds of sports growing up in Toronto. I was never happier than when I was playing, practicing, competing or watching sports. I kept a lot of that as an adult but sometimes you have to be more mature and take care of your family first.

I worked for the City of Calgary for 28 years, mostly as a Building Inspector, helping to make sure buildings were safely constructed. Now I am a Catholic Deacon, and find great satisfaction in nurturing the spiritual life in people, helping celebrate joyous events as well as being present at times of sorrow and loss.

After a bit of a hard time in my life, I got more consistent with exercising and got to the point where I wondered if a guy in his 50’s could still be an athlete. Five years later, triathlon still feels like the most exciting sport I’ve ever competed at and I thank God most days that I can do things I would not have imagined possible. Anytime you’d like to talk faith or triathlon email me at

About the Sport

The Alberta Triathlon Association are really trying to develop the sport and doing a great job I think, so I am happy to be a member and participate in their events. Triathlon events take a lot of volunteers. I do know that the volunteers seem to have a great time and I just love them. I’ve occasionally risked losing control of my bike to wave and say thanks. It is a sport which really embodies participation in all kinds of ways.

I also feel blessed that Triathlon Canada is working hard to coordinate provincial bodies. Also the effort they are making to organize teams to compete at world triathlon events at the elite, age group and para triathlete events is spectacular. I am preparing to compete during a week long world championship triathlon festival. To compete against athletes of my age from all around the world as a representative of my country is truly a spectacular feeling. I just wanted to see how well I could do and how hard I could push my body. Now I am getting to embrace that thrill of competing under the banner of one’s country that elite athletes always talk about. of course, it’s not the Olympics but there is still something magical. To top it off I will get to compete on the exact same course that the Olympic triathlon event was staged in London’s Hyde Park, while staying in the Olympic village.

I would like to promote two organizations. One is race director Mike Bock who runs the annual Chinook Triathlon Festival ( Mike not only tries to sponsor young aspiring elite athletes go for Olympic team births but he is willing to share what he knows with any beginner triathlete who asks. His event in June is so consistent and high quality that it has been my standard for where my preparedness is.

Tri It Multisport is a store on Parkdale Bv. ( The owners are amazing people who just want to help people out. They have gathered a wonderful group of young multisport athletes as employees and they go out of their way to help. I’m sure it is not easy to make a go of a specialty store like that so I would give them a plug any time I could.